Peter Gracey

Peter Gracey:

God Romance Struggle p.2008

Peter Gracey was born in Kingston, Jamaica. With an education in Arts, he thought himself several aspects of information technology and went on to work for major computer and wireless companies. Also fused with a passion for music he contributed his talents to many recording artists and radio stations from Washington State to Florida.

Even though he felt that music was a universal language to communicate with the masses, Peter felt as if another piece was missing from the puzzle.

He experimented, wrote and published his first poetry collection in 2008 titled “God Romance Struggle” and developed and adoration the unceasing feel of a spiritual connection.

While he continued his penmanship, Peter then ventured off into filming documentaries, music videos and short films. This becoming monotonous, he felt as if his life was caught up in a circle of greed and partners around were all involved with him for their own benefits and not for the welfare of others. He also felt as if he was being dragged in a world of gluttony and slowly removed himself from that realm.

Peter has been seeking truth from many different sources and has come to the realization that only a spiritual life could make sense, but not the traditional Christian way of thinking. He has read scores of books on Christianity, Islam, Kabbalah, Freemasonry, Astrotheology and other religious beliefs.

Peter is currently working on his second title along with audio books and other various releases.